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Slow and nat type

Hi there...irate just doesnt cut how I feel right now! So after nearly two years of slow rubbish broadband I decided to upgrade from 100mb to 200mb this month. Bearing in mind it's just me and my nine yr old daughter virgin media informed me I'm using over 800gb a month! How exactly I don't know. Obviously my daughter is at school all day and as shes only 9 I do not allow her to play online on her ps4. I use nowtv quite a bit in the evenings and have recently got an xbox 360 but I don't game online...I cant I can only game on a pc which I no longer have as of two yrs ago.
So I use my mobile for Internet and currently that is taking no word of a lie...3minutes minimum to load a page. Worse since the upgrade. I do not get wifi anywhere but my living room.
My daughter will watch netflix in the evening for about an hour and the wifi is on off in her room....we live in a small flat.
I use a bb home phone so I can not even get through to virgin media on that as the broadband isnt working properly.
Also despite the help on here I still cannot get my nat type on the xbox to open...I will use the now tv on there ect but keeps signing me out due to the nat type.
Sorry its so long but please feel free to ask questions as im not tech savvy. Never ever had problems before and have been with virgin media for 14yrs now. I dont understand why its so slow and has just got even slower since upgrading....the woman even said the 200mb is much more suited for my usage. God knows what it would be like if I was still pc gaming! Bet the pc would have been launched out of the window and kicked round the close by now.
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Re: Slow and nat type

Hello discordia86,


Thanks for posting, welcome to the community!


Always great to see new members Smiley Happy


I'm sorry to hear about the problems with your connection, I know it's irritating.


I believe I've found the cause of the issues you mentioned. We're currently working on a fault in your area under ref: F004841269 which is due for review on the 22nd Feb. This type of fault can be responsible for reducing the speeds during peak times (evenings and weekends) and to rectify this we need to undertake upgrades on the network to support the level of demand in your area. 


I do apologise that you were not informed of this before now, please let me know if you have any other questions.


Take care.


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