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Rubber banding - all games, all machines, for over a week



My son has been complaining of rubber banding on all his games for over a week now. Even when ping and packet loss are reported as low (in the game), the games are still rubber banding.


We have done the usual debugging:


- It occurs on two different systems, so it's not the PC

- It occurs on multiple games, so it's not the game

- It occurs when directly wired into the hub, so it's not an internal wiring issue/Wifi/etc.

- It is occurring 24/7


It makes gaming impossible, and along with severe faults on our connection over the past 3 weeks (for which I have requested a refund), means we have to consider other providers.


Can someone please explain where the problem is and how it can be fixed?


Thanks, Graham


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Re: Rubber banding - all games, all machines, for over a week

Hi bikenet


Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear of the connection issues your son is experiencing while gaming online.


I've run a few checks on your connection. Everything is looking good. No problems with the hub or anything showing on your network segment.


Can you try putting the hub into modem mode and the PC into safe mode with networking and letting us know if this makes a difference?


Look forwards to hearing from you

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