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Ridiculous Ping League Of Legends EuW

Last few days, I've gone from a solid 20 ping to 131 permanently, I originally thought it was just riots servers, but then I asked a few friends who also play and all of their ping are fine wondering if this is a virgin media issue? I've done all the simple stuff restart router, reset, ipconfig, ect still no luck but it's been plaguing me for about a week now. 



Thanks for any help

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Re: Ridiculous Ping League Of Legends EuW

Hi Cretosx,

Welcome to the community Smiley Happy I'm sorry to hear that your ping has recently increased from 20ms to 131ms.  Has this happened only on League of Legends?  Is your ping high if you test to websites?  Are you using a wired or wireless connection at the moment?  If it's wireless could you test a wired connection to see if there's any difference?  

I've run some checks on your hub and local network segment, it all currently looks all good, so I'm struggling to find a cause at this point.  

If you could let us know a little more info we should be able to get to the bottom of things.


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