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Repost - issue still present


First off please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong section.

For a long time now I have been unable to play games or watch streams without a skype call open. The game/stream will just lag alot as if I am disconnecting (press something -> doesnt happen -> everything running on spot for a few seconds -> everything speeds up and catched up with itself). For streams it will just constantly lag and be unwatchable. Even youtube will take forever to load anything.

Below are the streaming websites + games that I have had issues with;

World of Warcraft
Diablo 3
League of Legends
Guild Wars 2
Heroes of the storm

Stream sites:
Youtube (slow loading) (constant pauses/shows stream as offline = basically major lag)

As you can see it is affecting pmuch everything. The only remedy I have found is having a skype call open, this seems to stablise it for some reason.

I have been having this issue for well over a year, I have given up playing half the games I mentioned are affected because of this issue. I have contacted customer services and was assured the issue was fixed. It is not.

Previously a tech came out to fix upstream on super hub. This did not work.

Any speed tests I have done come back perfect (around 20ms, 70mb down, 8mb up). Ping test is unable to complete packet loss test.

Pings to game servers show no errors. As mentioned this affects streaming as well, not just games.

As you can see in my profile this issue has now been ongoing for a few YEARS.

Help appreciated,
One very annoyed, and hopeless, customer.. Smiley Sad
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Re: Repost - issue still present

Hi Bjones1509,


Sorry to hear about the issues with lag and freezing you've been getting, I understand that this can be frustrating.


I've tried to run some test's on everything for you however I was unable to locate your details via your forum account.


In order to run diagnostics and help with getting this resolved for you I will need some additional information from you, I will send you a PM ( Red envelope at the top) detailing what is required.


It would be great if you could reply to me there and I'll get this all booked in for you.


Speak soon, 



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