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Repeating online gaming disconnection

Hello all, I've been having huge issues disconnecting every 15 minutes or so on any game that requires a permanent connection on Xbox live for months now with my superhub 2.0, its affecting destiny, elder scrolls online, and GTA online among others, I've spoken to tech support twice now, they have been useless, I've read through here a few times and understand it was the firmware update earlier on in the year, there are too many devices in my household for me to use modem mode and seeing as I never use my TV, it has made my entire vm package useless, is there a quick fix I don't know, or a permanent fix in the pipeline soon? Because I'm sick to death of it now and will be cancelling my contract if nothing can be done, I'm not paying 39 quid a month for a broken service any more
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Re: Repeating online gaming disconnection

Hi Matthew_Grave


Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry to hear of the problems that you are experiencing with your Xbox connection. The firmware issues you mentioned were resolved with a firmware rollback a few months ago. Are you connected wired or wireless? Have you tried opening any ports required for Xbox Live?  


I'm unable to locate your details to run a few checks on your connection so I will send you a private message for some additional information. 


Speak soon 


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