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Regular disconnects

Hi guys, I've been with Virgin for over 4 years now and not had a problem up until now. The last week or so when playing Black Ops 3, FIFA or any other online game, I keep getting disconnected or having 1-2 bars connection when in a game.


No other equpiment is connected to my router besides my PC, and I have no conflicting programs. I've phoned Virgin and they said nothings wrong with my line, it's to do with my PS4 and suggested opening ports etc, but I'm just not a fan of doing any of that. Like I say I've had it for 4 years now and it was a case of plug and play. Everything wired too! I'm not a fan of wireless unless it's my mobile phone of course. 


Anyone got any suggestions? Right now I'll try anything.



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Re: Regular disconnects

Hi Cbarclay90,


If you're not a fan of opening ports you can put the PS4 into the DMZ which will open all ports. I wouldn't recommend this for a PC but consoles are fine. 

I've checked your connection from here and can see that your downstream power levels are too low which will require a technician to adjust. I've just sent you a private message to arrange the best time. 

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