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Random ping spyke/huge latency/packet loss to Blizzard WoW server


I was all fine until now,but in the last week i keep experiencing HUGE lag spykes randomly, i rebooted my hub 3.0 but i keep getting this issue.Which starts to be really annoying because is not the service I'm paying for apart from the obvious frustration. Is anyone experiecing something like that lately? Because in 5 months this is the first time that is happening and once is solved i hope is the last.

This is my traceroute pointing the IP where I'm experiencing problems ( )

Translating for you because my S.O is in italian: "Richiesta scaduta" means "Request Timeout"

 seping.jpg seems to be related.


Other relevant info: I've and Hub 3.0.

P.S: I've alread tried the obvious. In random order, disconnecting every device and test, reboot from power and reboot from router control panel.

Thank you in advance, i hope for a quick solution.




Seems a lot of users are experiencing the same thing, i thought to post it,maybe could help.

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