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Rainbow Six Siege (PC gaming) Nat type issue


I'm currently playing a game called rainbow six siege and my nat type is normally open. However today the game has given me a prompt that my nat type is now strict and i will have issues connecting to games and keeping the connection stable. It only seems to be the case with rs6. Other than placing my pc into the DMZ, what other options do i have?


I've already tried disabling UPNP on and off and resetting the router.

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Re: Rainbow Six Siege (PC gaming) Nat type issue

Hi Skarim5,


Thank you for getting in touch, I am sorry to see that you have been having trouble with your gaming. 


Firstly I can see your modem SNR is a little on the low side on the down-streams. I would like to get an engineer out to correct this for you as it can cause drop outs. Keep an eye out for the Purple Envelope, top right hand corner. 


Secondly it may be worth you taking a look at Setting Up Port Forwarding and Port Triggering on your Virgin Media Hub


Speak to you soon. 



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Re: Rainbow Six Siege (PC gaming) Nat type issue

Sometimes if UPnP stops playing ball it can cause issues, you may simply be able to reboot to fix this and get up and running again. If nothing has changed with your configuration then you should be good to go.

I would try this first at least then post back with the results.

There are more ways to try and solve this but letting UPnP do it's thing when working correctly is the easiest way to accomplish this and doesn't open you up to unfiltered (DMZ) traffic, which I would not recommend.

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