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Ps4 Nat type:strict issue. Need serious help

I have the original superhub. I got a ps4 and decided to go wired, after wireless connection was really bad on Black Op3. I managed to put it into a DMZ mode and have an open NAT type for quite a while. Then I moved my Ps4 and accidentally set up a new connection. Ever since, I have ran into many issue. I simply cannot get an open NAT type. I have tried DMZ mode, made a static IP, used modem mode, disabled my firewall and port forwarded and it simply will not work( Yes, I enabled UPnP). Whats worse is my wifi which is NAT type 2 comes up as strict on BO3 as well, which it was not before! I have spent hours trying to fix this but everything I do does not work. 

I also had a ps3 which I switched cables with the PS4 to get an open NAT type on that and now it won't work either. I also have a computer with a static IP.(If any of these are causing the issue.)

I really need this fixed, please can you help me?

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Re: Ps4 Nat type:strict issue. Need serious help

Hi edbuddles,

Apologies for the issues you're having with your Ps4 NAT. I think you'll find a few solutions on offer when searching this forum board, but I think this one should help.

But please make sure UPNP is disabled.

Welcome to our Community by the way, hope you visit again and please make sure you let us know how you get on.

Best wishes,

Forum Team