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Ps4 Connection / 20% packet loss HELP

Been having trouble with this packet loss thing for a bit of time now, connection on ps4 will be perfect one minute then it will kick you out the next. We rang VM, they were no help on the phone so i hope someone can help through this? I did a ping test most of the time it doesn't lose any packets but then there is the times it will lose 20%, thats the most I've had.

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Re: Ps4 Connection / 20% packet loss HELP

Hey Jason180,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy


I'm so sorry to hear you're suffering such packet loss on the PS4, I've got a few questions to help us get to the bottom of things, if that's OK?


  • Do you connect the console via ethernet, or is it wireless?  
  • Does this seem to be happening at any particular time of day, or is it random?  
  • How are you keeping an eye on the packet loss?  
  • Is it consistently 20% when you see packet loss, or is there a fluctuation?  
  • Do other devices seem to be affected?

Let me know what you can, I'll happily look into things further for you.


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