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Port forwarding not working

As getting no replies in networking and wireless forum will try my luck here.

Hi guy. Having trouble with port forwarding recently, have opened ports in the past no problem whatsoever, all worked perfectly.

I'm using the superhub 2 router with 2.39.02 version.

Started afew days ago, the internet cut out a few times and ever since then all my port forwarding rules have been deleted, and when I added the port rules again they're still closed, can't have anyone connect to my network, also checked with

I restored the router to factory default settings then tried again but still no luck. Tried turning DMZ on but even that isn't working.

The only programs I've installed recently is hamachi, have uninstalled since so I don't think that is the problem.

If anyone can help me I would be most grateful, thanks.

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Re: Port forwarding not working

you don't know what till its gone.

use modem mode just get your own router their is more then a reason things are not going to work the way they did.

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