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Port forwarding Minecraft Server using Hub 3.0 Router


I've tried to open the ports for a Minecraft server but it doesn't seem to work. 

On the IP and Port filtering of advanced options of the Router Hub 3.0, I added an Inbound rule to allow TCP from any connection to the IPv6 of the Server and Port 25565

On the server I've added a rule to the windows firewall, to allow inbound TCP connections to the port 25565.

I've tested the port forwarding with the server running with no luck.

Why can I not use IPv4 for Port forwarding? What am I doing wrong? is it a router issue?

I would appreciate your help.



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Re: Port forwarding Minecraft Server using Hub 3.0 Router

Try it in modem mode then its likely down to windows firewall likely the profile not set for both private and public.

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Re: Port forwarding Minecraft Server using Hub 3.0 Router

Is this VM in Ireland or the UK?

If it's in Ireland, then I've heard they're doing DS-lite. If you're on a DS-lite connection, then you can't use v4 for inbound connections -- you're behind CGNAT on v4, which means no inbound connections at all. No amount of port forwarding (...or replacing the router with your PC...) is going to help.

(Remember all those warnings you read about v4 running out, but you ignored because there never seemed to be any consequences? Here are the consequences.)

The good news with DS-lite is that you get v6 too, so you can still accept inbound connections. The bad news is that Minecraft is a bit of a pain with v6. 1.7.x completely disables Java's v6 support; 1.9.x+ work fine but the server only listens on v4 by default, so you have to fix that. And of course your players need v6 too. It also prefers v4 addresses over v6 addresses when resolving hostnames, but that's a generic Java bug rather than a Minecraft bug.

If you're in the UK, then you're not getting v6, none of this applies and I don't know why you can't configure a v4 port forward. (I've never used any VM router in anything other than bridge mode.)

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