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Playstation 4 slow or no connection

Hi, I am having no or very very very low speeds. The playstation is wireless however i also have my laptop which is even further away from the router and it works fine and at good speeds. My internet connect speed should be 60MB however the connect i am getting is around 40 or 50 KBs. Any  idea what to do?

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Re: Playstation 4 slow or no connection

Hi TheJackal95,

Welcome to the foumr and sorry to hear you're getting slow speeds over wireless.I would first of all suggest having the console hardwired as wireless is prone to interference which will really affect online gaming.

As your laptop is fine even wireless it sounds like this could be down to the PS4s wireless chipset not being as strong as the laptops. You could try adjusting the wireless channel to try and avoid interference. Give that a try and let us know how you get on. 

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