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Playstation 4 NAT

My Playstation 4 connection is really bad and I'm lagging all the time and I've tested my connection and my NAT type is 'Type 3'. I've read that setting up a static IP address will fix this or something along them lines but I have no clue how? Could anybody help please!? 

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Re: Playstation 4 NAT

Hello Gibbs-12


Welcome to our forum, sorry you are suffering some lagging we will do our best to help...


Just to be sure we do not have some network issues I have run some tests and it is all looking good form here, line parameters nicely in spec, area traffic low with no errors.


Is the PS4 wireless or wired by the way? Always best to use wired please and sometimes we have noticed the NAT change then also.


If you know or ask on the PS4 forum the ports to forward please then use our guide to setup the hub, hopefully then you will get a more open NAT.


Please let us know how it goes.


Thank you


Virgin Media Forum Team
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