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PlayStation network unable to connect

Hello, I have recently come across a problem were I am unable to connect to the PlayStation network it has been 3 days since this issue started to occur. Everything else in the house seems to be able to connect fine to the Internet but when it comes to my ps4 it just doesn't work. I have phoned Sony and they said it's a problem with my ISP. When I put my superhub in modem mode it worked fine for a few hours but the problem has started to occur again I have tried pretty much everything I can but nothing seems to work. Is there a way I can solve this issue?



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Re: PlayStation network unable to connect

Hi Ini,


Sorry to see you've had trouble connecting to PSN.

I've checked your connection and can see no issue from this end. If the rest of your connection is working fine except for the ps4 then there is going to be an issue somewhere along the route the connection takes. Could you run a traceroute to PSNs server and post it here for us to take a look at? 

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