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Ping spikes/packet loss when playing CS:GO

Hi community,


Since I can remember, I have been experiencing when ping spikes/packet loss when playing CS:GO. It can very from a small 5ping increments to 100+. Also my game temporarily freezes which you can imagine is extremely frustrating at times. In a bid to find out what was causing these 'lag' spikes, I downloaded a program called Wireshark which looks at all the packets coming in and out of the devices on your network. I first identified that one of the bonus drivers I installed when installing my PCs drivers was causing this to happen. I then did further testing and got these 3 errors: (Subtitle of each box)

(My PC device is #28) (also my external IP is not on here so don't get concerned) 


After searching all the 62.252... IPs on google, I discovered that they're all virgin media IP addresses. This is as far as my knowledge goes as I have no idea whether these issues I am experiencing are to with Virgin or me. Also as far as I can tell, the 62.252.. IPs only come up on wireshark when I am playing CS:GO. 


I have no idea whether this is an issue for everyone who plays CS:GO on Virgin Media broadband or whether it is something that only occurs in my area or even just for me. I hope this can help in someway.



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Re: Ping spikes/packet loss when playing CS:GO

Hi Ben,


This does sound similar to the issues raised with CS:GO recently. Some investigative work done by our community found that the ping spikes when it reaches the valve end of the trace and we've looked into the issue. You can see the thread relating to this here.

I'm afraid I can't see any of the gyazo links you've posted due to our internal firewall.

Could you post the raw data at all?

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