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Ping spikes on otherwise excellent connection

Hi, I was wondering if you could give me some assistance on a problem I've been having regarding ping spikes while gaming.

My broadband connection with Virgin is excellent and I've never had a bandwidth problem, but there is a constant issue in that when I play video games; every 30 seconds to 1 minute there is a large ping spike (up to 500 ms). For 90% of the time, the ping remains a stable 20-30 ms. These occasional spikes are extremely frustrating especially if they occur in a critical situation.

Inserted below is a screenshot from the website logs of lag which presents a graph of ping based on generated network log files. It mostly reflects what I have mentioned in the above paragraph.


In addition to this, I manually pinged the EUW server in command line, and the results are:

Minimum: 26 ms, Maximum 2010 ms, Average 37 ms.

I also plotted a graph of the ping I tracked directly in command line.


It should be noted that I am using a wireless connection extender since my computer is out of range of the router and there is no Ethernet connection capability in my room upstairs. 

It would be appreciated if you could advise me on the options that I have in terms of dealing with this issue. I first need to know whether this spike issue is to do with my router and connection itself rather than an effect of the wireless extender. If the main connection is fully stable, then perhaps I can invest in a different router that has higher range (if such thing exists), or perhaps sort out some Ethernet connection from the router to upstairs.


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Re: Ping spikes on otherwise excellent connection

Hi 02slu, 


Thanks for getting in touch, I am sorry to see you have suffered a bit of lag when gaming. 


Looking at your connection things look fine from this side. 


There is very small increase in traffic during peak times but I doubt this would be enough to affect the quality of the game play in the way you describe. 


It sounds to me like it may be down to the wireless connection. 


It may be worth taking a look at Getting the best Wireless Network Signal


Let us know how you get on. 



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