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Ping not Stable, League of Legends player

So i vbeen playing League of legends for about 3 years now with the same broadband, By that time, .my ping was really low and it was stable ( around 15-19 ms),  I like playing league with really low ping but lately my ping has been increased and never was below 35ms... The ping usually jumps around 35-90 and sometimes to 150 which its kinda unplayable, makes me quit the game. When i was asking my friend what was their ping is, they said around 20 and never increased for them like me, so i just found out strange why its only me... 

I really like Virginmedia but each time buts sometimes its getting worse and worse for some people...
I hope for any solution or fix that would  be great 

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Re: Ping not Stable, League of Legends player

Might be worth setting up a ping monitor.


Also, posting your upstream / downstream stats of your superhub might help identify signal issues.

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Re: Ping not Stable, League of Legends player

Hi dannyboy93pl


Thanks for posting. I'm really sorry to hear of the problems that you are experiencing when playing LoL. Everything looks ok when checking your connection though the peak time traffic does climb but is below thresholds. Do you only notice these problems around certain times of the day?


Nex suggested a good option of setting up a ping monitor. let us know the results if you do set one up.


Also are you connected wired or wireless?


Speak soon

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