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Ping jumping quite often

My speed and download seem to be ok, but the ping I receive seems to be quite unreliable. For example, I would be playing at 25 ping for it only to jump to 500-600 ping and back down. I have contacted the Virgin Media team via telephone. They said by simply resetting the router it would fix and it does! but only for around a day then it returns to its original state, this is quite annoying. So then I decided to come to the online community for some help. The computer in question is connected directly to the router, all other wireless devices are fine.

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Re: Ping jumping quite often

Hi Kkumar12.


Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you're getting ping spikes. As your speeds and download remain stable it could be an issue with the route to where you're pinging. Are you seeing these pingspikes in all games or just one in particular?

I've just checked your connection and can see no issues from here. You mention that a reboot fixes it for a little while which may mean the ping begins ramping back up after being online for a while. Could you start a broadband quality monitor at thinkbroadband and post a link to the graph here? This will show the latency of your connection over 24 hours and we can see its behaviour after a reboot.

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