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Ping issues whilst gaming

Hi guys,


The issue I'm currently facing is when I am playing online games by myself my ping is fine *may spike once or twice over a 100 but nothing major*


However recently my partner has moved in and now if one of us is gaming the connection is still fine but when we are both gaming we both get constant ping issues *250+ constantly which may drop below a 100 for a second* we both use a wireless connection as our router is in a room on the floor below us.


Does anyone know of any way to rectify this or is familiar with the issue? I've done a speed test and got the following results which I believe are good?

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Re: Ping issues whilst gaming

Hi Dean0699,


Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you're having trouble gaming. What happens when you are both gaming online is that you both share the connection so if you're on 50mb package you'll be sharing the 50 between you. When you're both on wireless you'll be sharing what gets through the interference which looks like it's about 27. What I'd suggest is trying to improve the wifi by changing wireless channels to see which works best. 

If possible I'd highly recommend getting the PCs/consoles wired in to give you the best chance at a stable connection. If ethernet isn't an option you can look into powerline adapters.

Give the wireless channels a try and let us know how you get on. 

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Re: Ping issues whilst gaming

thats not good at all, if you have 10 Mbps upload it  means youre on the 100 down 10 up package, and as you can see from that, its miles off of 100, i think you may have congestion in your area, is this happening all the time or just in the evening?
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