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Ping and Speed

have been experiencing problems now for about a month or two.

I have my superhub 2 on modem mode and using my own router.

The speeds vary from 20mbps to 200mbps depending on when I'm doing the speed test.

But the speeds vary from any time of the day for example at 6am this morning I did a speed test which I was getting 30mbps and my ping while gaming was jumping from 16 to over 400 in any game.

At 3pm I just finished work arrived home and my speed and gaming was perfectly fine only getting max of 30 on my ping and it was constant in all games which I thought was strange as surely there would be more traffic at 3pm than at 6am.

I've done a ping test at I connect at the server at 30 ish ping and jitter is fine, but sometimes when I do a retest straight after with the same server its connects with a ping of 250+ and there is a lot of jitter.

My consoles and pc is connected through ethernet.

I have tried in modem mode without my router when my speeds are going slow and shows the same results. Speed is low and ping is shooting low to high.

any help would be appreciated.


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