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Ping Spikes in League of Legends

Hi, I've been having trouble with ping spikes in the game League of Legends, where usually the ping was around 35-40ms, it now fluctuates between 50-300 and occasionally spiking to 1000+. The problems getting worse and worse, and I know that it can't be a problem with my laptop or the game itself, as I just moved back from a student house where we used the same broadband (Virgin Media - 152mbps). 

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Re: Ping Spikes in League of Legends

Hi Febreeze9010,


Thank you for coming in and posting regarding the gaming experiencing, i'm very sorry to read that there's been some ping spikes. I have been giving this a once over and I've not been able to see anything my end. Just so we're getting this looked at tin the right way, can you tell me if this is happening whilst on WiFi or with an ethernet cable?


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