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Ping Spike / Slow Speed Peak times

Hi people,

as you can see im new to the board however i have used virgin media for some time now , and over the last few months ,  my internet becomes unusable especially for gaming during evening peak times i.e. anytime after 7  and recovers  later on around 10pm , An example of this is when playing counter-strike my ping can hit 400+ in UK servers same on valve official servers with high packet loss as well, another issue is my speed will drop to around 3 mbps ... i have a screenshot of it as low as 0.5 !!! to a virgin server.  i tried numerous things my side , happens on both wireless and wired connection ! and happens every day around the same time 8pmish , its not anyone in the household ( ive checked) 

firstly is anyone else experiencing this issue??, secondly any ideas on how to fix ?

thank you in advance

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Ping Spike / Slow Speed Peak times

Hello El_Curt


Welcome to the forum, I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing slow speeds and high pings we will take a look.


There seems to be a couple of problems affecting your connection.


We have an issue in the area with high peak time traffic. We are aware ref F003349453 and planning to undertake some broadband upgrades to support the increased demand for our services. When completed, any slow speeds you may be experiencing (particularly at peak times such as evenings and weekends) will be resolved.
We are looking to carry out the work as soon as possible, in the meantime please hang on for a few days and one of the forum team will be in contact to discuss a loss of service credit and estimated dates.
Also I notice the transmit power level from the hub is too high:
VM SUPER HUB 2 Upstream 0 55.0 dBmV
VM SUPER HUB 2 Upstream 1 55.0 dBmV
This may cause some stability issues and it is best if one of our engineers takes a look please. I will send you a private forum message (envelope top right) to arrange an appointment.
Thank you, speak soon.



Virgin Media Forum Team
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