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Ping/Gaming perfomance


I'm on 200 meg internet through virgin and I just wondered if anyone who's a bit more clued up could assist. Recently, broadband in my area has dipped in terms of speed performance during peak hours. Sometimes it drops as low as 5 meg in the evenings and I've spoken to a virgin rep about this already. However, I've noticed regardless of the time I do appear to get pretty bad connections and high pings to servers. Back when I was on BT they used to turn a thing off called interleaving which used to cut pings more or less in half. However, I don't think this is the case.


I've snapped a quick tracert of a random 'deathmatch' server that I play on...admittedly it's in Sweden but I see quite a few UK players on it and I'm always the highest in terms of latency and the game just doesn't feel right. My ping is usually hovering above 60ms. Even when I try servers in Germany, France or the Netherlands I seem to be on 35+


So is this just me expecting to much or is there something wrong. Another thing I through about is whether it's worth buying a separate router for QoS. It's only my girlfriend on the net but she's not streaming that often. I am wired to the 2ac hub but is it worth buying a separate router and putting the virgin hub in modem mode? Will this improve throughput for instance or is it a waste of money?

Many thanks


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