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Pc Gaming unplayable


Since december it has been almost impossible to play online games, Be it Fifa on the PS4 and incredible lag at certain points or on pc where my connection is lost to the server playing multiple games (battlefield 1 and RUST for example.) we even spent over £200 on a brand new top of the line router to fix the horrendous wifi issues the superhub has thinking that may solve it.

While a new router has greatly increased the wifi and we no longer lose wifi signal we still can't play any online games at all now. 

Sadly this seems to be a great problem for virgin reading this forum and I'm thinking this maybe more than a quick fix. 


Any help out there?

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Re: Pc Gaming unplayable

Hey Molloy,


Thanks for getting in touch, hope you're well Smiley Happy

I'm really sorry to hear about the troubles you're having with your connection when you're trying to play online, this sounds really frustrating.

I've just ran tests on your network and everything looks normal. How do you connect your PS4? Have you ever looked into security settings or port forwarding? What NAT type are you getting?

I really want to help with this so please get back to me when you get a chance.

Speak soon,

Take care.


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