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Packet loss and latency? What ISP alternatives?

I have been with Virgin for years and I am now unable to put up with the packet loss and poor stability. I have trouble maintaining a video call with my parents in the US and that really is the final straw. I am done.

I tried to get hooked up with BT but they are so useless it beggers belief. I had a 4 week period where I was connect but had no phone line. I called them 18 times and still none of them got the message that I didn't have a fault.... I had NO. PHONE. LINE. No way in hell I am going crawling back to them after their FUBAR excuse of a customer service.

My only question is now, who do I go to? Sky Q is locked and I cannot use another router so am stuck with theirs and I have read bad things. Plusnet have such a bad rep...Talk Talk.... I don't know. Their service was ok before but never had their fibre option. Can anyone point me in the right direction. 

I live in the UK in a heavy Virgin area so I expect I will have low pressured lines for any FTTC. If you live in Birmingham England in the Harborne area I really want to know your experiences with ISP stability for MMOs ESO and EvE but also with SKYPE and FaceTime calling stability. I cannot stay with Virgin any longer. As I now know they KNEW about the problems with the SH3 before launch... well frankly...*beep*. You dont get my money anymore or my recommendation ever again. 

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Re: Packet loss and latency? What ISP alternatives?

My guess at the moment. PlusNet.
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