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Packet Loss Issue with new Superhub

I live in an already massively over utilised area that VM has shown no interest in improving however in an attempt to improve latency issues i recent upgraded to a SuperHub and now experience an average of 5-55% packet loss on a permanent basis. This makes playing any kind of online game impossible.

Is anyone else having these issues and if so do you have any recommendations?


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Re: Packet Loss Issue with new Superhub

Hi pagan12,


Welcome to the community, though the gaming and packet loss issues are disappointing news.


I've run a few checks on your service from this end to see if there are any other underlying issues to account for the problems and there's nothing really apparent, so suspect its the very high traffic in the area that's the overriding issue. 


In case you're not aware networks have this raised on ref. F003975810 with plans to upgrade the area and add extra capacity estimated for March/April, if you continue to bump us nearer the date we'll gladly check for any more news.


Kind Regards

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