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Packet Loss Every Day

I've been having daily packet loss for months. It can be anything between 5% and 30% but usually settles down near the 7% level. It always happens between 5pm and 11pm weekdays and pretty much all weekend. I assume these are the peak times so it is something wrong with the main cabinet, whether faulty connection or over-subscription.

At first I was told there was some work going on in my area and that I would get a partial refund (which never happened). Then I was told it was because I was using my own router (which I then removed to get a direct connection). Finally an engineer was sent, who saw the loss and did everything he could at this end, including replacing the modem (he did not have access to the outside cabinet).

I am still getting loss, it still happens at the exact same times, and I am STILL getting fobbed off by support by random reasons along with promises of partial refunds which never materialise.

Playing any fps while there is packet loss is impossible.

Has anyone else had such an issue and if so how did you manage to actually coax virginmedia into fixing it?

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