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PS4 and PC Problem

Hey all hoping some one might have an insight to a problem I am having which I cannot seem to get to the bottom of.

The Problem is this I bought a PS4 today connected it up all was fine until I connected it to my super hub as soon as I turn the PS4 on my PC's internet goes from 150mbps to about 1 pages fail to open or just hang,  I know i am going to take a hit on the PC speed but it can't be that much surely ?

On the PS4 front I put it in to the DMZ and opened the ports to see if this would have any bearing on it but it never the only thing that works is turning off the PS4 and then the speed goes back to what it should be.

Phoned customer support and they were no help what so ever,  so if anyone has any idea's they would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: PS4 and PC Problem

Hi Tony,


Thank for getting in touch, bit of strange one with speeds to other devices dropping once connected to the PS4, don't suppose it's trying download multiple game updates and it's this that's causing the problem, might be worth checking!


I think it's worth noting that at peak times the traffic in your area does build up a fair bit and that this will slow your speeds a bit too.


Speak to you soon.

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