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PS4/Xbox one still won't connect on standby/rest

So I'm back again and still having this issue

My PS4 and Xbox One for some reason won't stay connected to my broadband in their Standby Mode/Rest Mode. If my PS4 is on standby and I try and remote download something to it the console will turn on but not actually start downloading it.

I thought this was due to maybe the router so I bought a new one

But even with this attached and the VM superhub 2 on modem mode my consoles won't stay connected and every time I turn the console om from standby it says it's not connected.

What is strange though is this is the same when using a wired connection too Smiley Frustrated I've opened all the ports needed and even done a DMZ but still won't work but it was fine before I changed from sky to VM

Is there a chance its an issue with the line?
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