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PS4 Disconnecting and lagging

For the last couple of weeks I've been getting regularly disconnected from psn and when my connection is working it is laggy, I'm currently playing destiny and though odd it gets very laggy and keeps disconnecting in the late evening onwards, I cannot use spotify on the ps4 at all as my songs keep skipping everytime it lags so I usually end up listening to an entire playlist in about 15 mins.
I recently (few months ago) had an engineer around that added a booster in line which seemed to sort the problem I was having at the time, the signal values when I can access the router seem quite good.
I do have issues connecting to the routers internal IP when the connection lags as well which to me would point towards a fault with the router?
I've tried doing full resets (pin in the hole for 40 sec) on the router and doesn't solve it.

So any help as I usually play in the late evening and I cannot play very well with this issue?

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Re: PS4 Disconnecting and lagging

Hi Adsen


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing intermittent connection when you are using your PS4. I've had a check on your connection and everything is looking healthy. What results are you getting if you run a speed test?


Are you connected wired or wireless? 


Can you post the network log for us to have a look at? (go to, don't log in, router status in top right corner)


Speak soon 



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