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PS4 Connection with Virgin Media Broadband is insufficient and incompetent


My PS4 on a wireless connection disconnects from the internet every 10 minutes or so. Has been happening for over a month.


There is another post asking this question, but classic virgin media customer service purposely refrained from providing a solution to the problem yet they declared the problem as 'solved'. (I am referring to this

Can you, without avoiding this question at all, directly answer, why you have taken the classic Virgin Media customer service route of completely ignoring the matter at hand and rendering this thread as 'Solved' when clearly the individual concerned has literally stated the problem still persists?! 

You have not solved the problem and now you've just gave yourself a pat on the back for literally doing nothing. This is a common occurence with your disastrous customer service team across all platforms. >Show concern for the problem > acknowledge its existence > provide a generic solution which never helps a specific problem > ignore the actual answer that the customer gives with regards to whether or not the problem still exists > pretend like the problem has been solved and ignore the customer hoping they won't bother following up any more.

Pathetic. I have the exact same problem and it is very obvious it is only with Virgin Broadband. A year and a half ago I had this problem when I purchased a brand new Macbook Pro, which failed to connect properly with... want a guess?... VIRGIN MEDIA broadband ONLY. 


Fix the problem.

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Re: PS4 Connection with Virgin Media Broadband is insufficient and incompetent

Hello Fahmid_v4


I am sorry you are having problems with the wireless connection. The other thread you mentioned was marked solved by the OP not us by the way. Wireless can be so difficult to diagnose as there are so many variables, perhaps there is local interference or range issues, we have a guide here that may help explain Getting the best Wireless Network Signal

We would always recommend a wired connection for gaming by the way Should I use a wireless or a wired connection?


Thank you


Virgin Media Forum Team