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PS4/Catchup TV dropout problems!

Hi. I got a PS4 for Xmas and am loving playing Star Wars Battlefront online. However, several times a day I get thrown out of a game and it resets due to bad connection. We also cannot watch a TV prog on catchup all the way through on my Samsung Smart TV/PS3/PS4 without the program stopping for connection problems multiple times. On the TV it occasionally asks for the network password when this happens.The TV/gaming boxes are located one room away from the Superhub and all three connect wirelessly. I tried testing the connection speed at various times of the day and got results of 60mb and under, though they differed wildly. FYI the Superhub is facing the correct direction for maximum signal. 

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Re: PS4/Catchup TV dropout problems!

The Sci-Fi Bard,


Sorry to hear you're getting dropped connections over wireless. This bears all the hallmarks of a poor wireless signal. I'd suggest changing channels to see works best in your home.

Could you also try a wired connection and let us know if you stay connected? 

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