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Overwatch disconnect (online gaming)

So I've been loving Overwatch on my PS4 since the game came out. I've always had trouble with the connection but I was connected wirelessly. Once every few days roughly I would get a disconnected which I could deal with.

BUT now there is no excuse for the terrible experience I have been having. My PS4 is now directly plugged into my router via Ethernet which I thought should stop the problem all together. If I experience lag, then I know it's game over and sure enough i get kicked every time. Then there are times where I have perfect connection and I am playing fine and then bang, disconnect out of nowhere. My ranking in the game has taken a smashing because of these disconnects and I have also received a number of suspensions from blizzard for leaving competitive games mid game.

This is my main issue. Although Internet has always unreliable and we have had engineers come out to look at the routers etc, and they just say we need this and that or try moving it here but it's never got any better. I am pulling my hair out with Virgin, and the gaming situation is the final straw. I would like this sorted or else I am switching provider.
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Re: Overwatch disconnect (online gaming)

Afternoon Bennyboi,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.


I'm sorry that you are experiencing disconnections whilst playing Overwatch and for any inconvenience this is causing.


Looking at your connection, I am unable to see any issues on the line nor the network that would cause intermittent connection. The power levels are within range, there are no faults nor time-outs reported, which is good.


Does this only happen on Overwatch or have you noticed this on other games as well?

When the game disconnects, do you notice the internet stop on other devices?

Do any lights change on the router at all?


Let me know how you get on


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