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Online gaming issues SH2



I am currently at loggerheads with VM customer services.  I explained in detail to them and to the technical team about the online gaming issues and the SH2 firmware, no one is willing to recognise there is an issue.  They said that as they cant see a router connectivity issue that there isnt a problem. 


They said if I wanted the new SH2AC router there would be a charge, which I am not willing to pay.


I'm not sure where to go from here as i have spent over an hour being passed from pillar to post but with no resolution. 


Putting the router into modem mode is not an option as I dont have a spare router. 


Any help from the mods is appreciated.



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Re: Online gaming issues SH2

I complained hard and got a call, sending me the 2AC for free.
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Re: Online gaming issues SH2

Basically you could chat to the technical support until you are blue in the face, the problem is intermittent with many SH2 Modem/Routers, even changing to the latest modem/router will not fix gaming console issues.


If you stand back and look at the problem overall, it affects Microsoft only with Latency and Jitter being high, and there is conflicting issues in the SH2 itself, it will not be a simple fix because we live in the UK. Microsoft designed and built the XBOX ONE in the USA, and it was tested on US ISP's... never on UK ISP's. If you check any UK forum for problems with XBOX ONE's you'll find many, not just VM.


There are fixes, but they are not permanent and are on, others use the Guest Network lowered to 2.4Ghz and fixing the IP to static via the MAC address. This does not always work either, you can still end up with STRICT or MODERATE connections.


The main problem is the XBOX ONE is not compatible with the SH2, more importantly the router set up. It can be fixed with an additional router that is XBOX compatible, Virgin does not state this - but it is important. We have 2 x XBOX ONE's and an XBOX 360 all running on OPEN connections in our house with no problems at all.


For details on how I did it I would recommend the post a guy stated as the Answer to his question.


It is the only way to avoid no conflicts at all. If you want to use more than one XBOX on the network you can use Port Forwarding as long Upnp is enabled, or this will only allow one connection to the router. It really depends on your network knowledge. But if you have issues then you can always ask on here. At least on here we do not read from scripts like VM tech support



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Re: Online gaming issues SH2

Hi ubaminotaur
Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear that you have been experiencing problems with online gaming. There will be a rollback of the  Superhub 2 firmware going ahead this week.  Some more information can be found here. Let us know how things are after your hub has been updated.
Hope you had a good weekend

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