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Newly upgraded 200mb and constant disconnects

Hi there.

I upgraded to 200Mbps from 30Mbps on tuesday, and since then I've had nothing but slow speeds in general, not once have I got even close to 200Mbps, and in games I get constant lag spikes and disconnects. The games are WoW and Diablo 3. Since the upgrade to 200Mbps, it's actually been much less usable than the 30Mbps was, I completely regret upgrading.

Can someone help me try and figure out what is going on please?

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Re: Newly upgraded 200mb and constant disconnects

Hi Caseh


Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry to hear that you are experiencing  slow speeds and disconnections since upgrading.  I've run a few checks on your connection and everything is looking healthy.


What device are you testing your speeds on? 

Are you connected wired or wireless?


Can you post the hub's network log for us to have a look at? (go to, don't log in, router status in top right corner).


Speak soon 

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