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My service from virgin.

Hi, I am getting really fed up with my Virgin media service. My superhub 2 constantly disconnects me or we lose the 5g completely. Also i have an old box and you have to press the remote button 3 times before it will work. We record programmes and they are constantly cut short as the timing is wrong. I phone customer services regarding the router and was told we had too many devices connected to it. This is rubbish as i have two kids so maximum devices on at any time is 4. I have been with Virgin Media for 11 years but i cant't put up with this poor service much longer. I also think i am paying far too much as comparable deals with SKY are cheaper and you even get a free tv. I dont like to phone customer services because half the time i can't understand what they are saying which makes it very difficult to explain my problems.

I look forward to a reply.

Mel Winter

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Re: My service from virgin.

Hi melton1958,

I am sorry for the poor performance of your service/equipment and shall do what I can to help.

I'd like to start with addressing the Hub and TV box issues and arranging for an engineer to visit. He can check everything over and will make any necessary repairs or replacement. If you still have any problems after the visit I'll investigate the broadband side of things for you. For DTV problems you can either post on the relevant board or I can refer you to a colleague experienced in that service area. 

Please reply to my PM (purple envelope icon, top right of page) and I'll arrange an appointment with you).

Many thanks, 

Forum Team

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