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Lord Shajith is dissapointed

Greeting Virgin summoners, it is I Lord Shajith also known as "BMS" a.k.a "Big Man Shajith". I am the renown League of Legends player. I have hundreds of followers who worship me from all corners of the world. Some may consider me a God but I believe I am just too good at this game. However due to technical difficulties I unable to escape this "Elo Hell" I've been placed in. I am experiencing severe latency problems which is stopping me from carrying my team.


Yesterday was a very sad day, I was expected to play ranked 5s with my boys but my spidey senses were tingling and I could feel the disconnect coming. I just had enough time to warn my good friend Jat about this grim situation so I sent him a message, this was the message: "DC nooo". As you can see this was very emotional for me. My internet then died for approximately 3 hours, my friends thought I died but BMS  never dies. I returned like the God I am and now I'm destroying summoners on the field of justice.


I do not expect this Virgin Media, I hope this situation does not occur again or there will be severe consequences. Here is a little reminder incase you have forgotten the big plays I am able to make when my internet services are fully functional.


I hope the next time I post here, it will be a post of gratitude for the excellence support provided by the Virgin Media Staff.


~ Lord Sajith 

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Re: Lord Shajith is dissapointed

Being omnipotent, I assume you will have knowledge of whether this was a brief, transitory issue, like the lives of your enemies, or a new dark age, keeping repeating like the trial of Sysiphus?


If the latter, if it pleases Lord Shajith we peons would happily accommodate the checking of power levels. Not your power levels, which evidently are beatific, the power levels of the trans temporal device that allows you to exert your will in that dimensional plane we refer to as "The League of Legends"


Proceed thus...


Go to your Superhub Log in screen

Do NOT log in.

Little button top right.....

Can you post Upstream, Downstream and Network logs.

Screen caps are nice, C&P will do- Don't stress about formatting if you C&P. Someone will get a look and see if there's anything obvious amiss.

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Re: Lord Shajith is dissapointed

Good Morrow to you LordShajith,


Commiserations and deepest regrets on the recent temporal anomaly to befall your connection. I have made attempts to locate your account to cast diagnostics though your stealth is too great for us to fathom. I have sent you an envoy to request passage through your connection to determine the source of this most heinous of disconnections. 

(I've sent you a private message, click the red envelope in the top left of the forum Smiley Tongue)

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