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League of Legends disconnect


This is only a recent issue that I'm having.

During the champion select screen of League of Legends, every so often I will get a disconnect issue (this is very random, sometimes I can go a whole day without a disconnect, others I'll have one every few games). The disconnect will last 20-30 seconds usually. For anyone who plays League of Legends, you'll know that you only have a certain amount of time to lock in a champion or you'll get a penalty so it can be really annoying when it does happen Smiley Sad

The weird thing is that once I am in a game I have no disconnect issues whatsoever, not once. It literally is just within the champion select part of the game, and it doesn't happen every time.

I have recently started getting slow speeds during the evening, not sure if this could be related or not?

Hope you can help,

Kind regards,

Jamie Smiley Happy


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Re: League of Legends disconnect

Hiya Jamie,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


If there are no disconnections when you are in game and this only happens at the champion select screen, this could be due to the client itself. Do you get any error messages on the screen? Have you contacted Riot at all to see if they are aware of any known issues?


In regards to the slow speeds, if you complete a speed test through a wired connection what speeds do you achieve?


I've taken a look at your connection and was unable to see any issues on your connection nor the network, which is good.


Let us know how you get on


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