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League of Legends DNS Issue

I've been experiencing an issue recently when playing the game League of Legends. I believe this issue has occurred previously:

Much like the issues encountered before when playing LoL I get disconnected, when trying to reconnect I cannot and when I troubleshoot the connection problem I get the message 'the DNS server isn't responding'. Once I've disconnected I no longer have any internet connection on any device, meaning all other users cannot use the Internet. I've tried restarting the router and resetting the router but to no effect. I have also tried the DNS flushing technique as recommended in the above link, again to no effect.

I've tried changing my dns server to googles address, again this didn't work.

At present I now cannot use my internet at all so would really like a fix to at least get my connection back. Please can anyone suggest a solution?

Just to note that I'm using a wired connection and running Windows 7. Also I've been playing LoL for a few months now and only had this issue in the past 4 days.


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Re: League of Legends DNS Issue

Hi Gustavo,


If all your devices have dropped offline this would tell me the connection has dropped out, nothing specific to do with LoL.

I've tried to check your connection but was unable to locate your account. I've just sent you a private message requesting some information so that I can investigate this further.

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