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Latency problems. Can't play on any game



I've posted before, but recently my Broadband Quality Monitor graph has become very disturbing. Playing CS:GO at a non-peak time is impossible due to ping spikes and packet losses. It wasn't like this a week or so ago. It has just got progressively worse. 


Here is a link to my BQM graph:

My Broadband Ping - My Virgin Media


What seems to be the problem this time, as I am already aware of the peak times problem?




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Re: Latency problems. Can't play on any game

Hi Nikitameek,


That's not going to be a contention fault with a graph like that. There is still the contention fault open under F002707885 but this will only account for peak times and even then it shouldn't be spiking the average so much. 

I've checked your connection and can see no other causes so I think it best we get a replacement hub out to rule out a faulty unit.

I've just sent you a private message to confirm the correct address to send the hub to. 

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