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Latency issue & Packet Loss

I've been having issues playing online on my PS4 recently. Every game i've tried has been having the same issues, Lag every 10-20 seconds & struggling to connect to game servers. See below for my latest BQM results, showing some slight packet loss and ping spikes.

My Broadband Ping

I realise this isnt anywhere near as bad as some people where experiencing in Ayrshire, but it's enough to make me want to switch providers as I cant get through even one game without latency issues. 

This has been going on now for around 2-3 weeks and it has come to a point that I've stopped playing online.

 My download speed is normal, around 65mb/s and doesn't seem to be the issue.

I have a mate in the same area who also uses Virgin media and is having the exact same issues.

I live in North Lanarkshire.

Can anyone help?

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Re: Latency issue & Packet Loss

Hi there SparkyGee93,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

Sorry to read you are experiencing packet loss and latency issues whilst gaming.

I've taken a look at your connection, the line and hub have come back as fine. The network segment is running stable and healthy which is good.

Is the PS4 connected through wired or wireless? If wireless, can you try through wired to see if there is an improvement?

Are the games from the same developer or all different? i.e EA, Blizzard.

Can you also post some ping tests and trace routes for us to check over please?

Let us know how you get on


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Re: Latency issue & Packet Loss

do a reboot of your super hub 1 and if you want it stable use modem mode.

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