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Latency Issues With All Games Im Playing

Having massive problems with disconnecting and virgin isnt helping at all. My router can not even be found on the system and we have been getting bad latenc issues for the past 6 months. Really aggrivated at the fact the customer support so far has been terrible, really wanting this problem solved asap as it is effecting what little gameplay time i get now days. Peak times isnt a factor as i get this problem all times of the day. im meaning 24 hours, as i play at all different hours of the day. If this is not sorted soon we will be moving to a different provider. My latency changes anywhere from 100-1000 MS. Please help asap. Thankyou

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Re: Latency Issues With All Games Im Playing

Hi FinalBossWisp


Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear of the disconnections you are experiencing and slow speeds when playing online. When checking your connection there are problems with your downstream power levels. I will send you a private message (red envelope top left hand corner) to organise an engineer visit and get these levels adjusted.


Speak soon,


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