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Lag spikes

I posted about this before but got no answer. Now it's happening again.

While playing Rocket League, I sometimes get A LOT of rubberbanding, although my ping doesn't change (usually between 30/40), it feels like I'm playing at 200/300 ping.

Also every time I try to use the "Check your service status" page it shows "We're trying to sort it out for you", implying there's something wrong with the connection. This shows up every time I check it, doesn't seem to fix anything.

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Re: Lag spikes

I have been having the exact same problem. Rocket League is pretty much unplayable, but I notice it in a lot of other games. Here is my broadband monitor

Probably over-subscription as its worst a peak times. Pretty disappointed to be honest. I am paying for the 200mbps package and I can't even play my favourite games online.

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