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Lag spikes all over the place



I've been trying to play League of Legends for a couple of weeks, and it's impossible, I've tried playing in modem mode and I've also tried everything suggested on the VM website, and its only gotten worse recently. The ping has been fluctuating alot and i get a lot of spikes making it impossible to play, Whenever I get these spikes I also cannot load videos or watch streams and it is very irritating.


Downstream: (I reset the counters around 3 hours ago from this point)







Network Log:



Ping graph:



Any Help, since i've tried everything I can and nothing will fix it.

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Re: Lag spikes all over the place

Hi Docwader,


Sorry to hear you've been having trouble with your latency and thank you for posting your stats and trying some solutions.

I can see what the issue is here, your downstream power levels are too low. We're going to need to get a technician out to adjust this for you and I've just sent you a private message to arrange the best time. 

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