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Lag and unusually high ping

Been with virgin for a long time and had consistently good connections to everything with low ping. My World of Warcraft ping used to be 20-25 and now it goes up to 100+ but even at 40ms, the game feels unresponsive and laggy. This happens with all the online games i use atm and any streaming sites ie

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Re: Lag and unusually high ping

Hi Bonehead2005,


Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you're having issues with gaming.

There are some issues with the Superhub2 and games dropping out but so far we've not seen it cause changes in latency. 

I've checked your connection from here and everything looks healthy.

So that we can get a picture of your setup could you tell us whether you're connecting to the hub wirelessly or via ethernet? Also could you try the hub in modem mode to see if you still get the same lag?

It would also be a great help if you could run traceroutes to the server you play on both in router and modem mode and post them here for us to take a look.



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