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Lag Spikes in League of Legends.

so I'm on the 100 meg service, using wired most of the time but I am getting terrible lag spikes and connection drops while playing on bot Wired and wireless connections at about the same rate. What makes this worse is that it use to wrong perfectly but over the last 3-4 months it's steadily been getting worse and worse to the point I can't even play during non-peak times without having massive spikes every 2-3 minutes.

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Re: Lag Spikes in League of Legends.

Hi Slixer,


Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you're getting ping spikes on LoL. 

I've checked your connection and everything looks fine from this side. As the issue is intermittent it's going to be difficult to locate. I'd first of all suggest setting up a thinkbroadband graph. You can do this by heading to, clicking Tools on the left side of the screen and then Ping monitor. 

It would also be great if you could run a traceroute to one of the LoL servers you play on so we can see where the ping spikes are happening.


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