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Lag Spikes in FFXIV

for the past couple of days I've been suffering from huge spikes of lag in FFXIV, more so in raids/dungeons. It is making the game annoying to play, more so as I play a tank class so I'm usually required to be upfront and on the ball, but this spikes last anywhere between 5 - 15 seconds.

Last time this happened, Virgin had changed their firmware and had to reverse it due to all the complaints.

Is there any maintenance going on? Is anyone else having this problem?

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Re: Lag Spikes in FFXIV

Hi Cptbuggernuts,


Sorry to hear you're getting ping spikes in FF14. You can probably tell from my profile pic that I tank as well so I understand just how frustrating this will be for you.

We've not updated firmware recently so that won't be the cause at least. 

I've just checked your connection and everything looks healthy from here. Your power levels, SNR and area contention are all fine. Could you run a traceroute to the FF14 server you play on and post it here for us to take a look at?

It might also be worth trying your hub in modem mode with a PC in safe mode. This will narrow down the possible causes by eliminating background software on your PC, the router functions of the hub, wireless and other devices on the local network. 

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