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Lag Spikes in AVA

Hi, I've been having an issue recently with the game AVA, specifically online.

Whenever I'm in a game, I suffer from absolutely dreadful lag spikes which affect my performance in said game. I cannot deal with lag spikes every single round. I'm living in Luton and my ping goes from 35 to 110. When I was living in london my ping was 1 - 15.  I'm running a lan connection.

It s really frustrating... 



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Re: Lag Spikes in AVA

Hi Kronvas,


Welcome to the community Smiley Happy I'm sorry to hear that you're suffering lag spikes whilst playing AVA recently.


Thanks for confirming you're using a wired connection, that does help to understand things a little better.  I've tested your hub and network segment, neither show any issues at the moment.  Would you be able to test things out with your hub set to modem mode, to see if there's any improvement?  I'd recommend running some ping & traceroute tests to the affected server in both router and modem mode and posting those so we can try to identify the cause of the lag spikes.


Just let me know when you get chance to try those and post your results and I'll gladly look into things further.


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