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Lag/Slow FPS on 17 year old PC game C&C Tiberian Sun


Im so frustrated. I have the new superhub, ethernet cable connection, 9ms ping, 211 download speed, 12 upload speed, according to latest speed test i have done, PC is 5 years old (game is 17 years old) and runs fine in offline mode...

Yet every time i play it online, there is lag or delay or whatever, which makes the game almost unplayable and everyone moans about it on the chat. Its infuriating and having rang virgin where they checked the connecton time thing when its like 12. 13. 112. 12 or whatever it is(i dont know what its called), its completely fine, and having asked the game designer people on a forum specific to the game if there is any settings i need to change, in ports or firewall, they said none.

So what exactly is it that is causing this game to be so slow!? It cannot be my PC.

I spoke to a fellow on the forum and he said that VIrgin, unlike other ISP, pile everyones 'something' through the same 'thing' (again i dont know terms) related to internet or servers or ports or connections which can cause problems and sever slowing. However the Virgin tech guy i spoke to on the phone seemed to dismiss this

I just simply cannot believe, with the latest superhub, ethernet cable, a 5 year old pc that is other wise perfect, running a elementary 17 YEAR OLD GAME can cause huge lag and delays and i really want to get to the bottom of it.

This is a link to the game i am playing:

PLEASE help with any suggestions!

Thankyou so much in advance




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